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helpful hints with bezel setting stones tutorial silver smithing

this is a video that was shot when i went on my trip to washington, i had this pendant made with gem silica and ox blood coral and a sunstone. nicoli and i shot these to put up onto youtube thinking that they may be useful to at least someone …

Engraving Metal

DIY: Metal Etching

How to electro etch some steel. With enough time, this will comply with the ATF's .003" engraving depth. What you'll need.. Power supply: 9v battery, 12v battery, etc.. Stencil Cloth 1/4 Cup warm Dihydrogen monoxide (tap water) 1 tablespoon Sodium chloride (salt)

Engraving Metal

‘Engrave-It’ Engraver Pen Review [Wood, Plastic, Metal and Glass Test]

Hi! Recently, I happen to see this interesting product at *SCAPE Bazaar. It costs $10 and I thought why not try this out, I could do some artwork with this! So I bought it and decided to do a review on it. It is not much of a review but …

Engraving Metal

Electrolytic Metal Etching setup and marking demonstration

A short demonstration from on setting up and using the electrochemical metal marking system, used to permanently etch metal products with a contrasting black print similar to laser-marking. A low-voltage current is applied through a stencil to mark into the surface of a metal product. Different stencils are available depending …

Engraving Metal

DIY Cómo Grabar metal facil /easy metal engraving

Como grabar metal en casa. Grabado de metales con transformador, sal y vinagre

Engraving Metal

Etch METAL with Battery Power

Join the Dollar Shave Club: Thanks to our sponsor Dollar Shave Club. Check them out now and get a Starter Set for ONLY $5 with FREE shipping! (#ad) Today we're using electricity and salt water to carve custom designs into stainless steel. Subscribe & “Ring the Bell”: Check out The …

Metal Stamping

How to Use Alphabet Punch Sets for Stamping

– In this Beadaholique video Kathleen demonstrates using metal punches to stamp letters into a metal blanks. She shares some nifty tips to get your letters lined up and spaced neatly. Designer: Kathy Mannix You can find the supplies in this video at Rubber Bench Block 4 x 4 …

Metal Stamping
5 Handy Tip – Metal Stamping

Whether you are making an identification bracelet for a child or a name tag for a puppy, metal stamping is an age-old technique that is both fun and useful. This video will give you helpful information as you use metal stamps to leave patterns and words in silver stamping charms. …

Metal Stamping

How to Make a Metal Stamp! (DIY Railroad Spike)

Thanks for watching! Engraving tutorial here: Make sure to comment if you have a question!

Metal Stamping

How to Stamp Metal

This video from Potomac Bead Company demonstrates how to use metal stamps to stamp letters and words into pendants, beads, charms, etc. Find links for supplies by clicking "Show More." Our Website: Buy Metal Staming Supplies Here: