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Bezel Setting a Cabochon with Joe Silvera

Learn how to set stones in a silver bezel setting from JTV's Jewel School. Check out the tools for these techniques on JTV and

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How to set the Bezel in Art Clay Silver

Learn how to set the bezel into art clay silver from JTV's Jewel School! Shop all Jewel School items at!

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How to make a Sixpence Coin Ring with Bezel Setting filmed in HD

Watch Jeweller Dave Wilson of as he crafts a silver bezel ring and sets a coin. All filmed in HD. Support the channel… Give me a thumbs up "like" and subscribe to my channel, for lots more great jewellery tutorials, reviews and demos. But if I've helped you out in …

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Setting Odd Shaped Stones In A Bezel

In this video, Prof. John Ahr explains how to correctly set odd shaped cabochon stones in a bezel. Knowing the proper procedures for setting different shapes of cabochon stones will prevent unnecessary gaps in bezels. The secret to success in most operations is in knowing how to initiate the setting …

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RhinoGold 4.0 Bezel set Ring Tutorial

In this video tutorial, we show you how to use the bezel studio to make a bezel set ring.

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How To Bezel Set Using Bezel Setting Punches – Making Your Own Silver Bezel Set Gemstone Ring

The end of the series on making a silver bezel set gemstone ring. Andrew uses some tools that help you to bezel set professionally with the minimum of stress ensuring you have a perfect bezel every single time. Part 1) Part 2) Part 3) Part 4) THE EQUIPMENT I USE …

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helpful hints with bezel setting stones tutorial silver smithing

this is a video that was shot when i went on my trip to washington, i had this pendant made with gem silica and ox blood coral and a sunstone. nicoli and i shot these to put up onto youtube thinking that they may be useful to at least someone …

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Setting a Bezel Set Gemstone : Bezel Stone Setting Burnish Punch

Burnish punches for setting a bezel stone can be used with smaller faceted stones. Learn more about burnish punches with tips from a professional jeweler in this free jewelry video. Expert: James Sutter Contact: Bio: James Sutter is the owner of Sutter's Jewelery in Holyoke, Massachusetts, and has over …

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How To Solder A Tube or Bezel Setting Onto A Ring And Do It Correctly

In this video, Andrew shows you the correct way to solder a tube or bezel setting onto a ring. There are plenty of ways to accomplish this but Andrew shows you a neat way to restrict and limit the amount of solder flowing in unwanted areas and so reducing cleaning …

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Setting a Bezel Set Gemstone : Bezel Stone Setting Cuts & Measurements

Cuts and measurements for a bezel stone setting should be exact and precise so the stone sits perfectly within the setting. Learn how to cut and measure stone settings with tips from a professional jeweler in this free jewelry video. Expert: James Sutter Contact: Bio: James Sutter is the …