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This tutorial will explain the tools required, the techniques involved and show you the finished product. This is an inexpensive way to get a little touch of silversmithing knowledge. It is called straw casting or pine needle casting. it can also be done with beads and rock salt. Please use eye protection and gloves when casting using this method.

+frederic lalonde I know it will work on gold and lead, I would expect it to work on pewter, but I have not tried it. If you do please let us know. Thanks for asking.

+David Smith just try it i think i still train at it
I think the metal dont get hot to the point to burn the straw so i get chunk stuck in the metal and tip ?

This is a great technique! I am glad you shared. I use a acetylene gas torch and after I have been heating for a while it starts to squeal. It didn’t do that the first I tries this method. Any suggestions? Also after the silver has melted I can’t pour fast enough until what is left re-hardens. What am I doing wrong?

+drbilbrey acetylene starts squealing because the withdrawal rate of acetylene, basically it is trying to turn into a liquid when you with draw too much too quickly. Use MAP gas. When pouring heat the liquid silver for an additional minute, and continue heating WHILE pouring, never remove the heat until the crucible is empty.

Maybe you should edit out that bit where you try to pick up a HOT crucible with no gloves on…!
What sacrifice for the sake of instruction! Hope you’re healing well…’-)

Overall neat…but when you point the camera at the torch, the cam mike is gonna think you want the sound of the torch–can barely hear your commentary–which is good–over the horrid gas screech! Next time, go buy a $10 lavalier mike and clip it on your lapel, and plug the other end into your camera’s MIC IN input. Then we get YOU and not the howling burning torch sounds!
Still, thanks for the demo!

I am interested in getting things like this made, or learning. If i took some courses, is there places that allow access to workplaces and jeweler studios, or do I have to make my own setup?


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