How to use Tucker tools Steel stamping for Jewelry

Metal Stamping

Tutorial on how to use bump out, flat, 2 part vice stamps and bump outs with tucker tools. Be sure to watch the 2nd video called "make a boho cuff" to watch Leslie and Jerry use his tools to make a beautiful cuff. For more free video's and tutorials,please SUBSCRIBE and visit me at

Do you anneal in between some of these blows? Also how do you straighten the metal around the pattern?
Beautiful, thanks for doing this demo I had been curious how these tools work!

I’m still getting the balls stuck in the smaller deeper flowers in the plates. I actually got the very exact same tiny one totally stuck. It seems like the silver balls are either to hard or my nail sets aren’t sharp enough to grab them to pull out. Any ideas?

I’ve just been getting into jewelry making and have been trying to figure out how fluted beads are made and have been having the most difficult time figuring it out. It seems these types of tools are hard to find. Anyways I wanted to thank you for the video it is exactly what I needed. I’m finding a lot of the tools on are out of stock. Any idea what’s up?

they are in high demand, I’m teaching an on line class using jerrys tools right now and my studnets have clean him out but they restock about every 10 to 12 weeks

So glad to find these. I had visited Jerry in his studio in Prescott back in the early 1990s, and purchased a lot of his tools. I had a problem getting a shot out of the shot plate, and it’s been stuck for over 10 years. Thank you so much for posting these!

That was such a good video and I’m sure Jerry appreciates you so much. I’m still building my studio up and appreciate all you artists who are willing to share so much. Thank you. I haven’t looked up Jerry’s website yet but I just took a peek at other people’s posts and they mentioned Prescott. Omgosh I just moved to Prescott, AZ a year ago and have had a hard time with the move. I decided once the family was situated I needed something for myself and I was ready to move from beading to metalwork of which I have wanted to do forever. This is so cool.

These links don’t work. But that’s OK, I finally found your video that shows how to put oil on the shot plat and use a nail set. The problem is, I used the shot plate without oil (I didn’t know that was a bad thing to do.) and now the silver is stuck and will not come out no matter what I do. Oh well, I just won’t have that one die to use. Hopefully the others will work like they should once I put some 3-In1 Oil on them. Thanks.


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