Hand Engraving Demonstration .. The Art Of The Graver

Engraving Metal

Demonstration of Hand engraving by Peter Cook of
Peter Cook Engraving , London Ontario –

My email is different that what is on the video.
The correct email is pcengraving@execulink.com

website www.petercookengraving.com

Peter cook, great artistry and thanks for taking the time to make the video. No disrespect, but next time can you be a lot more informative as to what tools and sizes are being used and what your using to hold your work and turn it as you do your engravings.

Thank you so much for this video. Every other video I’ve been able to find, require a hammer and chisel method; or use a Gravermax machine which costs over $1200 , not an option .

Peter Cook, would you please tell us what you are using to hold your metal piece?
It looks like an angled turntable of somekind . The work clamps which stonesetters use , are the only ones I’ve seen used in videos thus far, and they cost $600. I have designed a bronze plaque with acid etching and a scribe , but irhe design turned out not to be done deep enough as the weather has already made it hard to see, in just a few months. I am hoping to make it deeper with a graver , by hand.
Finger’s crossed. I plan to practise on something else for a while as I’d hate to ruin the piece, which is a memorial plaque ,and very important to me.
I know you posted this video a few years ago, but I’m hoping you still check the comments. 🙂

I am new to engraving.You look you are applying minimal pressure to the graver and your lines are deep,the only way I can make a cut is by applying very hard pressure-is this because I am a woman and don’t have the muscle strength?In addition,my lines are tuning out very shallow-more like scrapes rather than nice engraving😞Would anyone know of any tricks to control the graver better please?

Great stuff Peter ! It’s freshening to see someone from Ontario do engraving. I haven’t started engraving yet, trying to figure out if I should go pneumatic or power assisted or hand push.


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