Bezel Setting a Cabochon with Joe Silvera

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Learn how to set stones in a silver bezel setting from JTV's Jewel School. Check out the tools for these techniques on JTV and

take a little silicone , fill the inside of your side cutters, slice it with a scapel when dry.. now you can clip wire and it will stay with the pliers.

Im guessing if you know this awesome trick, that you might be able to help me, as I can’t find this answer anywhere: When bezel setting a rectangular stone, do you start pushing the metal in at the corners(the actual points), the walls, or the edges of the corners first? (the spaces near the corners) I know how to set rounds etc. and i seem to recall that you start NEAR the corners first, but I don’t know.

Am I the only person that missed the How To Set Stones in a Bezel Setting part of this How To Set Stones in a Bezel Setting video? All I saw was how to attach a piece of bezel wire to a piece of sheet metal.

Excellent instructor!  This video is good but it really does not showcase Silvera’s extraordinary talent as an instructor.  He has two videos and two books which, in my opinion, are the best sources, short of an actual class, for learning how to solder.  I found one of the videos at JoAnn’s and another at Contenti.  I found both books on Amazon.  In his first video, Silvera explains pick soldering in a way that is really understandable.  In his second video, he provides a method for accurate bezel measuring that is the best method I’ve ever come across.  I have watched many soldering videos provided by many generous and talented instructors but I constantly go back to Silvera’s videos and books for the thoroughness and clarity of their instruction.

Just wasted 10 mins thinking this video was going to show the actual setting of a cabochon into a bezel. This should be titled “Bezel MAKING” or “How to MAKE a bezel”


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