Engraving Metal

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Today we're using electricity and salt water to carve custom designs into stainless steel.

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You need a better quality nail polish maybe even a nail gel but that gets pricey honestly your best bet is what I use to engrave my tools and equipment and it’s plasti-dip it’s a sprayable peal-able colored plastic that looks and dries like spray paint

Regarding the stains/splotches, you should probably polish the etching with some Autosol or other metal polishing product.
As for stickers, there are some custom masks out there that people use for painting miniatures and the like. They should work just fine for this as well.

If you build up around the sides with modelling clay so it holds a bath, with the stencil at the bottom, then just leave one electrode submersed in the bath. you get a very even etch because it etches the entire pattern at once, and you can vary the depth by timing it, more time or more current means a faster rate of etching. it also means you can walk away, and not have to sit there moving the cotton swab

Salted vinegar is what I use and it works wonderfully
Lower current does etch slower but give a nicer result. Higher current can leave scorch marks like the 2 9v batteries did. But works faster
To darken high carbon steel better use ferric chloride. It’s also sold as pcb etchant at electronic stores, and rinse with caustic soda. The soda isn’t necessary but darkens further.
This is a fun project to do. Another one is learning to copper plate using electrolysis which is a very similar process. Could even in theory plate the etched areas, but the plating wears out with time. And higher current also doesn’t plate as well as lower current.

What you should have done is mask out a pattern using the black nail polish, then submerge the steel into salty water connecting the positive end to the steel and the negative to an electrode in the water. Maybe another video 😉

I find the endings intense. It’s like for a couple of seconds there’s so much suspense. “Is the sliding door going to open? Is it going to stay closed? Why is it remaining closed today? What are they doing behind there that we can’t see?” So many questions…

Erhan Burger It’s the result of Grant’s ultimate project; he managed to cross dimensions with a machine made mostly of duct tape and blow torches. He exists only within the videos now, in a world behind that door, sleeping on a high quality mattress with meal kits and now some grooming products.


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