The Complete Metalsmith by Tim McCraight (Part 4 of 9)


The best video outlining metalwork from the basic to the advanced in under 90 minutes. Tim McCraight, Author of "The Complete Metalsmith" the best comprehensive, bench side reference for the jewelers of today and yesterday.

I enjoy watching your videos , however the quality of the picture (grainey) is so bad it is bordering on less than very bad. Please fix it as i do enjoy watching them. Cheers

Thanks for making this available! Yes, it’s obviously of old VHS tape quality, but I’m not going to sit here and complain about free content. It becomes clear enough after the first minute or so anyway. Thanks again.

This was by far my favourite resource book, inspiring me to make all sorts of jewellery. Just the perfect amount of detail, and spiral-bound to make it lie flat for easy reference. Never expected to find the video version. I recommended it to so many people over the years. Thanks for the inspiration. Lou.

What is the fusion being done on? I cant recall him saying anything about it. It looks a bit like brick but i’m not really sure what it is.
Also, my saudering iron doesn’t have any flames. the metal simply heats up enough to melt the sauder. Is that bad quality? should i invest in one like he has?


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