Kitchen Table Metalsmithing: Metal Jewelry Making with a Micro Torch Promo


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Quiche, clam chowder… metal jewelry? Explore your next kitchen-table creation!
Learn all the tips for micro-torch soldering in any space!

Join Cassie Donlen and learn how to solder with a micro torch with her easy-to-follow, in-depth jewelry making instructions. With over 3 hours of expert instruction, Cassie will show you step-by-step how to create metal jewelry in a simple way!

Cassie dives into the soldering process in this jewelry workshop DVD that leaves no questions unanswered. Explore different soldering scenarios in an approachable way so that you feel confident about making beautiful jewelry masterpieces. If you're looking to get introduced to metalsmithing techniques, this jewelry making course is for you!

Discover all the soldering tips you need for success including flux knowledge, solder types, torch how-tos, and much more. Plus, discover additional techniques including fusing, liver of sulfur finishing, and much, much more! By the end of this comprehensive jewelry making video you'll have all the components you need to assemble a beautiful silver bracelet.

Get your copy of this comprehensive jewelry making DVD today to:

– Practice different soldering techniques to create toggles, post earrings, fun links, bezels, and more in a flash.
– Skip the guesswork with detailed tool lists, step-by-step instructions, and up-close shorts.
– Learn how to "read" the flame and understand how to properly heat metal for successful soldering.
– Go in-depth through every step from filling a micro torch to assembling your final bracelet.
– And much, much more!

Get ready to learn how to solder jewelry like a pro! Let go of any fears you may have as Cassie proves that—with a little training and practice—you can make beautiful jewelry with a micro torch from the comfort of your home.

This pushed my buttons. You said in the video that you can do all torching projects with a micro torch. I’m a metalsmith…and absolutely that is a terrible thing to say because it isn’t true. You are giving false info to viewers and they will think something is wrong with them when they try soldering something that does require a strong torch. One of my students sent me this link and you were confusing her. This is a wrong, just plain wrong statement.

I fully agree with this comment!. There’s another error. The solder would flow much better under the frame when the work would, after a thorough warm-heated, heated up from the outside. The solder always flows to the hottest spot. In addition, the solder should lie much closer to the frame. Then it can more easily flow in the soldered seam.

I watched the entire video and loved it. Cassie explained the soldering process in detail, including how the micro torch provides less heat than a jewelers torch. She explained several times that the solder follows the heat. This is just a 3 minute clip of a 3 1/2 hour video. It does not reveal everything she covers. This video was exactly what I was looking for. I always wanted to try simple soldering but felt too intimidated. The micro torch seems like a great option for people like me.

My problem with the video isn’t the fact that you use a micro torch but that you are trying to run the solder on the disc by heating from above when you should do this from below. Heat your disc from below slowly and you will see your solder run the seam with a lot less work. Just saying try this.

SAFETY FIRST!!  Your long hair should be tied back, you should be wearing safety glasses and you should have a fire extinguisher nearby.  TSK TSK.


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