Beeswax Coating for Metalsmiths


An old recipe for protecting your tools and your work

For those who didnt understand it:

1 Part Bees Wax
1 Part Terpentine
1/2 Part Linen Seed Oil

Shave the Bees wax in a pot, then add an equal amount of terpentine and after its melted down, add the linen seed oil. Stir it all up. Pour it in a pot or something and let it dry. It should be a cream.

I saw another YouTuber making the same stuff over an open flame, if a hotplate is out of the question, you can melt the beeswax over the flame until melted, remove it from the flame, then add the other ingredients.

I make the same stuff with out the terps for my rifle, camping and hunting gear/tools. Works very well and no need to carry to many different products.

I bought my beeswax at Hobby Lobby, before going, log onto their site to get a discount coupon. I buy hammer heads, ax heads and other tools at a swap meet near my house. I “sand blast” them with aluminum oxide, deburr, then coat with your recipe, before installing the handles, works great!

Then it wasn’t the exact same recipe, was it? 🙂

Personally, I’d not use acetone, nor big box store BLO or Turpentine. Get some real Turpentine made down South from Pine trees and some real boiled linseed oil from Tried and true.


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